HealthBot HCK-2000


  • Modern Design with Intuitive controls with easy to read display
  • Blood pressure measurements
  • Pulse/heart rate measurements
  • Customized Branding (with your business graphics)
  • Supports Third Party Advertising
  • Scalable to Accommodate New Screening Technology
  • Meets AAMI standards for accuracy and reliability
  • Solid state technology ensures Excellent reliability
  • Efficient compact design
  • Internet Connectivity and Secure Data Transfers
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader (Optional)
  • Printer (Optional)

Benefits / Track & Trend

  • Retrieve historical results on any HealthBot
  • Share data with Pharmacist to assist in medication management consultations
  • Great for employee wellness initiatives
  • Data stored on PIPEDA / HIPAA compliant server
  • Early identification of cardiovascular risk factors
  • Empower users with a monitoring system that provides vital health information
  • Simple and cost effective way to promote user wellness
  • Encourages self-responsibility and health awareness
  • No staff time required
  • Encourages compliance with hypertension regimen
  • Consistent monitoring improves user health and productivity, leading to healthcare cost reductions

HealthBot HCK-2000 Details / Specifications

Click here for HealthBot HCK-2000 Specs

  • Specifications
    Height: 62 in.
    Width: 32 in.
    Depth: 27.5 in.
    Weight: 230 lbs.
  • Blood Pressure Accuracy:
    Meets ANSI/AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) SP10-2002
  • Class II Medical Device:
    Manufactured in FDA-Regulated Facility

Call 337 436 9441 for info on the HealthBot HCK-2000

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